Timpressionist (timpressionist) wrote,

Il y a toujour samedi soir sur la terre

I failed at action, except for getting drunk and having a headache now.
I did end up talking to one of our local Georgia Public Radio voices for the better part of an hour at the American Legion bar, mostly because he was also a gin and tonic drinker.
It is amazing how some people really do not look like their voices--I would have thought a radio journalist would look more like he sounds.

He told me he once interviewed a woman who made her living "clearing" houses of ghosts. In her opinion, Savannah was so very haunted because there was a cloud of souls above the city that prevented the newer dead to move along. While we agreed that this was probably bullshit, we also agreed that the living have a habit of getting stuck here. He's been here eight years and never meant to be around that long. I know several people with the same story.

I was stuck when I got here. Some souls are stuck in patterns of motion.
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