Timpressionist (timpressionist) wrote,

hello again

So according to the Lj gods, I haven't posted in 34 weeks. which is pretty odd. i'm good-ish.
I'm going to be making the effort to post regularly, but i probably will fail pretty hard at it. at the moment, i just wanted to write out a seed line somewhere i won't lose it. (i have not really been writing anything much, but am warming up to the idea again.)

"It's not that I'm scared of my own shadow,
I just don't much like looking at it." He says,
cupping another cigarette.

"That's why I work nights. Well, that--
and to avoid the heat of the day." He mutters
something about mad dogs and about Englishmen. [eh, work on it.]

"But shadows, sneaky bastards, stretch and shrink.
Under streetlamps, they're predictable." [Something here...

"Daytime is a nice place to visit,
but you wouldn't want to live there."

so actually a little more than jotting down a line. editing notes too.
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