Timpressionist (timpressionist) wrote,


I think I saw a flying squirrel tonight. Do we have flying squirrels in georgia? in north america?

[three minutes later...]

Yes! yes we do!

"The Southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans) is one of two species of the genus Glaucomys, the only flying squirrels found in North America (the other is the somewhat larger Northern flying squirrel, G. sabrinus). It is found in deciduous and mixed woods in the eastern half of North America, from southeastern Canada, to Florida, USA. Disjunct populations of this species also have been recorded from the highlands of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras."

The only reason I think it was a flying squirrel, and not just a plain well-groomed rat squirrel, is that it made about a 12 foot jump from the top of a lamp post to the trunk of the magnolia tree in front of the Inn.

Of course, I didn't get that great a look at it. It could have been a bird.
But it wasn't. I'm gonna call him Rocky.
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